Why should I buy a rotating baby car seat?

Swivel car seats, which can turn 360 degrees, are great for getting your baby or toddler in and out of the chair easily. From rear to forward-facing with a simple turn. They’re also all about safety. This is because they usually offer the flexibility of a rear-facing seat for longer.

Historically, Group 0+ car seats (which last from birth to 13kg or around 12-15 months) are rear-facing, Group 1 car seats are forward-facing from 9kg or around 9 months.  But most car seats in this list allow little ones to sit in the rear-facing position until they are at least 2-years-old.

And when you and your child’s ready, you can simply rotate them to forward-facing position. So you have one future-proofed car seat. 

Post time: Aug-04-2018
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