When should my baby move from cot to “Big bed”?

It is advisable to keep your baby in a cot until at least two years of age or even longer if possible.

A big cot is always a good idea to accommodate growth till this time. Once babies have progressed to sleeping in a bed, it’s almost impossible to get them back into a cot. When sleeping in a bed they are able to climb out at night, so not only does that hold the risk of them getting hurt while you’re sleeping, but it also tends to negatively affect their sleeping patterns. The cot provides a safe haven in many ways, the security of a smaller, contained space.

Parents often try to get a toddler to grow up faster when they are pregnant with a next baby, thinking that it will help them cope with the new addition to the family. Truth is that this often increases the insecurities that a toddler experiences at a time like this. One should take care not to let them feel that they need to ‘grow up’. They are still babies and, if you allow them to be that, they normally handle the transition a lot easier.

Post time: Nov-02-2018
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