I-Size Car Seats

I-Size is a new European standard for car seats. It came into effect in July 2013, with the aim of making buying a car seat simpler and safer. It means that car seats will have to pass more tests in order to be sold. Changes made by this regulation are going to be gradually phased into the UK until around 2018.

I-Size seats are fitted into a car using the Isofix system, which will reduce the risk of car seats not being fitted properly. Most cars made from 2007 onwards are fitted with an Isofix system, so fitting a car seat should be simple and easy for everyone. The new regulation is also striving to make car seats that fit in all cars.

Another important change is that i-Size car seats will be based on your child’s height, rather than her weight. This should make it easier for you to tell if your child is in the right-sized car seat.

The I-Size regulation is being introduced gradually, so there aren’t many i-Size car seats available yet. For this reason, you don’t need to worry about replacing your car seat with a new i-Size seat yet. The old car seat regulations (R44/04) will run alongside the new i-Size regulation until around 2018, but i-Size will eventually replace it.


Post time: Oct-12-2018
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