How to Choose the Best Baby Travel System – Stroller & Car Seat Combo Reviews

(updated: November 28, 2018 from BEST CAR SEAT HUB)

Trying to find the best car seat stroller combo can be a real pain in the tush – there are so many on the market, from ultra posh to super cheap. And many of them have few discernable differences beyond price.

However, if you’re shopping for a car seat, it’s a good idea to shop for both seat and stroller at the same time. Not all strollers are compatible with all car seats. So while Aunt Edna’s nice shower gift of a luxury $500 stroller may be awesome, you may have to purchase a separate adaptor to make it work with your $200 car seat. If it will work at all, that is.

Before you panic and rush out to buy a travel system, there are a few things to think about. We’ll help you sort it all out, including reviews of some of the best car seat stroller combos on the market for 2018.

Types of Baby Strollers with Car Seats

There are a few different types of car seat & stroller combos on the market today. You can certainly mix and match different models of car seats and strollers for a custom combo. But a travel system is already designed to play nicely together with no additional equipment needed, which can save you a lot of time, money and peace of mind.

Of those on the market, there are 4 main types of travel systems. What you need depends on your lifestyle, family size and budget.

Do I Need a Travel System?

It’s your back, arms and shoulders that will suffer after five miles walking past hippos and naked mole rats. And what about the diaper bag? And your water bottle? And the soft pretzel you bought because you missed lunch? Unless you’re an octopus with amazing stamina, you’re going to be worn out before you reach the gorillas.

Travel systems were designed for these scenarios. Whether you’re going to the zoo, the mall, or just a walk around the neighborhood, a car seat stroller combo can be a real lifesaver. It frees up your hands so you can handle other kids or drink your coffee. It provides storage for diaper bags, shopping bags, drinks and snacks. It keeps baby protected from the elements. And it won’t put extra strain on your already tired body.

Even better, a combination travel system allows parents to move the baby around without disturbing her. Just pop the car seat from the base in your car and click it onto the stroller, and voila! You can enjoy a nice walk while baby gets her nap out. No grumpy babies, frustrated parents, and annoyed passersby.

For parents with younger babies, traditional strollers alone cannot be used until the baby is about 6 months of age and can sit without assistance. So a travel system allows you to use a stroller from birth until she outgrows the stroller itself at 50 + pounds. By then, she’ll be dragging you along by the hand so you don’t miss the sea lion show.

Ideally, try to purchase a travel system before your offspring arrives on the scene. One of the greatest advantages of a car seat/stroller combo is that it can save you from spending more for a separate car seat and a stroller. So start shopping early!


Post time: Nov-29-2018
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