Choosing The Right Baby Bouncer


Babies love to sit in their bouncers – they can watch everything that’s going on around them and start discovering the world. They can listen to music and play with their toys, brothers and sisters, and with you, too.

Here are a few tips for finding the right bouncer for your baby.

Look at the size of the bouncer: Some bouncers will only fit babies until they’re about six months old. Others will fit toddlers too.

Think about safety: A good baby bouncer will have a sturdy safety harness to keep your baby secure and a frame that’s robust enough not to tip over.

Consider cleaning: Bouncers can be great places for first feeds – but if your baby’s being fed in a bouncer, things are bound to get a bit messy! Look for a bouncer that’s easy to clean.

Think about versatility: Does the bouncer recline flat so that baby can nap in it? Can you adjust the height? Does it have fixed and bouncing positions?

Using your bouncer
Baby bouncers for naps: Bouncers are perfect for daytime naps. When your baby is sleepy, just gently recline the bouncer flat and cover baby with a soft blanket.

Baby bouncers for feeding: Bouncers are great to use when starting your baby off on their first solid foods – they’ll be secure and well-supported as they try their first tastes.

Baby bouncers for playing and relaxing: It’s easy to chat and play with your baby when they’re in their bouncer. And you can set up the bouncer in whatever room you’re in, so they’ll be able to see and interact with you wherever you are.

Post time: Oct-10-2018
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