Best bassinet for your baby: An expert buyers guide

Both cribs and bassinets serve as safe sleeping space for your new baby. However, there are differences in the two that make one a better choice than the other. For starters, baby cribs can cost $100 or more, which is a financial burden for some new parents. Bassinets, on the other hand, are available for around $30.

Cribs are also large, and while the idea of a beautifully decorated nursery with an elegant crib seems nice, it is not always a reality. Most new parents opt to have a new baby sleep in the same room with them for at least the first few months. The large size of a crib may prove troublesome if your room is not that large. A bassinet is compact and convenient for small spaces.

Also, the small size of a bassinet is far more comforting for new babies. They grew accustomed to the snug, cozy space within your womb. A bassinet resembles that snug space, making it easier for newborn babies to get comfortable and fall asleep. A crib, however, may feel large and unsafe to an infant.

Although cribs make great sleeping spaces, too, there are many reasons why a bassinet is a clear winner for newborn babies. Knowing everything there is to know about bassinets can help you choose the right one for your newest family addition.

Tips for Buying a New Baby Bassinet

There are certain tips you should always consider when buying a new bassinet. Typically, you would want to use your senses.


What is it about the bassinet that captivates you? Does it look appealing? Is it because you walked into a store and saw it out on display? Do not let store displays fool you. Store associates are trained to display products in a way that is most appealing to the consumer. Instead, trust your gut. Look more closely at the bassinet and determine what it is that draws you in before you impulse buy.


How does the bassinet feel? Does it feel sturdy enough to support your baby? Is it comfortable to the touch? Keep in mind that your baby will be sleeping in the bassinet, which means it should be cozy and comfortable.


Does the bassinet rock quietly back and forth? The last thing you want is a distracting and squeaky bassinet that may potentially wake your baby. If it comes with sound features, are the sounds soothing or do you think they will frustrate your baby even more? Pay attention to the sounds the bassinet makes to ensure you are buying one that offers soothing comfort rather than added stress.


Use your brain as an addition to your senses to determine if the bassinet you want is the right one. Calculate the price in comparison to your budget. Compare features to similar models to determine if you are getting the best deal. When you combine all of your senses, it is then that you will have an easier time picking a new baby bassinet.

Additional Bassinet Safety Advice

Even if you choose the safest bassinet in the world, you must still follow your own safety standards. For instance, you should never place stuffed animals, toys, blankets, pillows, or additional padding in your baby’s bassinet. All of those items may pose choking and suffocation hazards.

Make sure you do not add any additional features to the bassinet. Some bassinets may come equipped with a mobile. If yours does not, do not add one to it. The mobile could detach and prove dangerous to your child.

If your bassinet has wheels, make sure you lock them in place when it is not motion. If you leave the wheels unlocked, you run the risk of unnecessary injury. A baby that stirs can move the bassinet just enough to lead to a dangerous and avoidable situation.

Never use a bassinet in a way other than what is recommended. Once you know that your baby has outgrown the bassinet, do not continue to use it. Instead, transition your child to a crib. Check the bassinet for recommended sizes. Some bassinets only support babies up to 15 lbs.


Post time: Aug-05-2018
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