Best Baby Bouncer Seats: Expert Buyers Guide

What is a baby bouncer?

In it’s simplest form, a baby bouncer consists of a metal frame covered by a soft piece of padded fabric. Your baby lays on the piece of fabric. Each you’re your baby moves and wiggles, the baby bouncer seat will bounce up and down.

Baby bouncers are also commonly known as baby bouncy seats or baby bouncer chairs.

Why do you need a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is an excellent way to both soothe and entertain your baby. In addition to the baby entertainment benefits, a bouncer allows you to have a rare moment with both hands free. Do some chores, read a book or simply scratch yourself. Having free hands as a new mom is priceless.

What is the difference between bouncers, jumpers and swings?

To put it simply:

  • Baby bouncers – Bounce according to your baby’s wiggly movements in the seat.
  • Baby jumpers – Bounce up and down when your baby kicks off the floor.
  • Baby Swings– Swing back and forth without the need of your baby to move.

Different types of baby bouncers

Unlike other baby gears, baby bouncers are not very complicated. In fact, there are only two different types of baby bouncers. Lets take a closer look and explore the pros and cons of each type.

Basic baby bouncer

A baby bouncer in it’s most simple form. A basic baby bouncer has no bells or whistles. It does one thing and it does it well; allows your baby to bounce. If you are worried about over-stimulating your baby then you should definitely consider a basic baby bouncer.

Basic baby bouncers are generally more bouncy than their feature packed sibling, allowing your baby to bounce with minimal effort.

Basic baby bouncers very portable. The lack of features allows them to easily be folded up and either placed into storage or taken with you when travelling.

One of the downsides of basic baby bouncers is that they generally only come in bland styles. The fabric often only consists of one or two basic colors; no fun patterns or themes here.

Buyers guide: Baby bouncer features

When shopping for a baby bouncer it is important that you take the features into consideration. Comparing the features available will help narrow down the perfect bouncer for your baby. Below are some of the most important features found on baby swings.

The seat

Your baby will spend his whole time in the baby bouncer seat. Consider the following seat features.

  • Seat material – Your baby will be much more likely to take to a baby bouncer if he finds it comfortable. The material of the seat should be soft to touch and contain no coarse seams that could irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Padding – While some baby bouncer seats are little more than material stretched out over the frame, others are heavily padded. A padded seat can help keep your baby comfortable as he bounces away. Avoid seats with too much padding as they may not provide your baby with proper support.
  • Easy to clean – A seat that is east to clean will make your life much easier the next time your baby makes (I’m looking at you, leaking diaper). Some baby bouncers come with covers that can be machined washed while others are made from a waterproof fabric that is easy to wipe down.
  • Head support – Newborns are unable to support their head and neck on their own. A cushioned head support will protect your newborns neck while in the bouncer. Head supports are removable; allowing your baby to continue using the bouncer as he grows.
  • Seat incline – Some baby bouncer seats that can be adjusted to different reclining positions. Newborns are generally more comfortable in a reclined position while older baby’s often prefer to sit upright.

The frame

The bouncer frame keeps the seat supported off the ground. Lets explore the different features of the frame.

  • The bounce – The frame also helps determine a crucial but often overlooked feature of a baby bouncer: the bounce. This is what defines the baby bouncer. How well does it bounce? Depending on the frames design, the bounce can range from slightly bouncy (like a spring mattress) to super bouncy (springing back and forth with the slightest movement).
  • Wide base – You don’t want your baby bouncer to topple with your baby inside. The wider the base of support the harder it will be to knock the baby bouncer over. On the flip side, a baby bouncer with a frame that sticks out too far may become an annoying trip hazard to you and others.
  • Portability – When not in use, some baby bouncers can be folded up into a smaller size. If you like to keep your baby’s gear in storage when not in use or are have a small home then being able to fold up your baby bouncer is an important feature.
  • Material – Brand name manufacturers will generally use metal in the baby bouncers frame. You may come across generic imported baby bouncers from China that use plastic for the frame. Avoid these. Metal frames are much sturdier and will ensure your baby bouncer outlasts your baby’s use.
  • Non-slip – The last thing you want is for your baby’s bouncer to slowly creep across the floor with each and every bounce. Slipping is a problem on smoother floors like wood or tile. To combat slipping, many baby bouncers have non-slip pads on the underside of the base.

Safety features

The following features will keep your baby safe while he is bouncing up and down.

  • Secure straps – Straps hold your baby in place while he is bouncing up and down. Look for straps that are not only strong and durable; but comfortable as well. You don’t want your baby rejecting the bouncer because of discomfort.
  • Weight limit – Each baby bouncer will come with a maximum weight capacity that has been determined by the manufacturer. Some baby bouncers can hold a heavier baby than others. You will want to take the weight limit into consideration as a higher weight limit generally goes hand in hand with a baby bouncer that takes longer to outgrow.
  • Sun shade – If your baby bouncer sits near a window or outside then you may want to consider buying one with a sunshade. A sunshade will help prevent your baby’s delicate skin from burning while bouncing.

Entertainment features

In addition to providing a comforting bouncing motion, modern baby bouncers also come with additional features to keep your baby entertained while bouncing.

  • Toy bar – Many baby bouncers come with a toy bar (an arch that sits over your baby that toys hang off). While most toy bars come with their own toys, others have space for you to hang your baby’s favorite rattles or teethers. Be mindful that some toy rails are permanently attached to the baby bouncer frame while others can be removed.
  • Music and sounds – Some baby bouncers have a built in sound machine that can play white noice, music and sounds.  While these sounds can be very soothing to a baby, hearing the same sound on repeat could drive you crazy. Choose a baby bouncer that has a wide variety of sounds and songs. Your sanity depends on it.
  • Lights – A feature usually reserved for premium baby bouncers is lights that flash in different patterns to keep your baby entertained. While your baby may love the flashing lights in front of him; you may find that the lights are more stimulating than soothing which makes them unsuitable to be used before nap time. If you do want a baby bouncer with lights, choose one where the lights can be turned off independently of all other features.
  • Vibrating seat – Found in some of the premium baby bouncer models is a vibrating seat. In addition to the bouncing motion, the seat gently vibrates, providing yet another comforting motion to your baby. Vibrating bouncers are great for newborns who do not yet know how to bounce.
  • Theme – If you have a baby boy you are probably not going to choose a bright pink baby bouncer. On the flip side a car and truck themed baby bouncer may not interest your baby girl whatsoever. Choose a theme that will help enhance your baby’s enjoyment in the bouncer.

Post time: Aug-03-2018
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